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Submission Date: 2009-06-13
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Madyson came all the way from where ever she came from to study in America. Good natured people like Voodoo are always willing to help hotties attain their dreams higher learning so it makes sense he would give her a cheap room. Ah, America...Well, after she arrived it was apparant she had only half the first months rent. Whats a girl to do? Drop to her knees, of course. Madyson got busy with a quickness attacking Voodoos unit for a rent reduction on her unit. It was working. The rent was down to about half of what it was as she took his rod in her mouth and pussy. But, studying is hard work. Will she have time for earning money what with all that school work? Madyson decided to go with a little Bartering 101 and offer up the old brown eye for a freebie. Voodoo caved. After you see this chicks ass, you may want to throw money away too. Voodoo couldnt resist the apple of her ass all in his face, so he backed off, lined up his pecker and fucking destroyed it. She was loving it. Ass getting worshiped and free rent? What is there for a hot, Euro, 18 year old with an award winning ass to not love?

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