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Tall blonde Mickey Tyler may have left her steamy hometown of Atlanta when she started her porn career, but there's one habit she picked up during those hot Southern summers that she took with her: leaving her panties at home. This sultry Southern belle prefers to keep her pussy bare and inviting, and her habit of going commando also makes it easy for her to sneak in an orgasm or two while she goes about her day! The always-horny Mickey laughs as she confesses that not only does she play with herself every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to bed, she's also been known to make herself cum covertly when she's out and about, like when she finds herself stuck in traffic! This sensual beauty loves to take her time and indulge her senses when she jills off, and Mickey no doubt puts on an incredible show for anyone in the next lane who might glance over! Once you know that Mickey isn't wearing any panties, you'll be constantly watching for a flash of her pretty pussy. Sneak a peek now in the videos below.

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