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Clint Northwood

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If you passed Clint Northwood on the street, the last thing you'd think is that this clean-cut, respectable-looking guy is a pornstar. With his quiet, articulate way of speaking and his square-jawed good looks, Clint seems more like a straitlaced banker or professor than someone who gets naked on camera for a living. But appearances can be deceiving! Although this California native did give college and the white picket fence ideal a try in his personal life, it never felt right. Clint had been drawn to porn for a long time, and he finally realized that merely watching adult films wasn't enough; performing in them was what he needed to do! He chose to follow his dreams and become the pornstar he was always meant to be. With his surprisingly muscular physique and big hard cock, Clint is sure to make it big. Now based in Miami, where he gets to fuck some of the most beautiful women in the world full time, Clint says he feels like he's finally being true to himself! If you want to get to know the real Clint, check out his performances in the scenes below.

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