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Lilly Ford

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Tiny blonde Las Vegas native Lilly Ford may have the most unusual story behind why she got into the porn industry you've ever heard. This spinner says she was working in retail and fast food jobs, bored out of her mind, when she had an epiphany: one day, she looked at her adorably teensy hands and realized that wrapped around a huge cock, they'd make it look even bigger. "I should share that with the world!" she decided. With her love of sex and hot petite body, it was easy to get booked for her first shoot, and Lilly has been turning in amazing performances ever since. Standing only 4'11" tall, Lilly is a true spinner, and as such she can enjoy positions taller starlets can't, including one of her favorites, vertical 69. This babe is always up to the challenge of trying out a new position or a bigger cock, and her fans, known as "Lillylickers", can't get enough of watching her. An irrepressible ball of energy, this stunner may be small in stature, but she's more than capable of taking the porn world by storm!

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